Board-In Dog Obedience Training in Port Deposit, MD.

We offer board-in obedience training, which is perfect for anyone who due to today's busy schedule prefers to have a professional trainer provide one-on-one obedience training for their dog. This training uses a positive reward system. We do not use treats, but instead use verbal and physical praise which you always have and your dog loves to receive. We train using a standard choke chain method, which is used as an attention-getting device and not a restraining device. Obedience training consists of the basic commands heel, sit, down, come, stay, sit/stay, down/stay, and the basic respect for the word “no”. This is on-leash training, so all corrections can be given to the dog. It is an average 3-4 week program, but that may vary depending on your dog. When the dog's training is complete you will come in and we will show you the appropriate training techniques to apply at home. A dog must be at least 6 months of age in order to be trained. Shot records indicating that all shots are up-to-date must be provided when the dog is received for training. Dogs need a reservation for training because we do not always have boarding space available.
Obedience Training - K-9 Training Center and Rolyn Kennels - Port Deposit, MD
Please call for training availability.